What New Places Can
Be Explored?

Whereabouts Application Design

UX Methods

User Research, Mental Models, User Flows, Card Sorting, Wireframing & Prototyping, Usability Testing


Realtime Board, Balsamiq, Lookback, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Numbers, InVision

A scavenger hunt application for those who love a good story

As we become more and more connected to information, we start to lose our sense of adventure. Our want to explore the world around us while learning it’s story.

Beginning with identifying and researching our target market, a userflow and sketches were created to serve as a basis for testing.


Some key findings and insights about our audience:

• Enjoy finding out new things
• Enjoys learning things solitarily and having fun in groups
• Overall really enjoy learning but has to be simple useful “I didn't know that”
• History is a great for people and is a good backdrop
• Enjoyment of sight seeing and finding out more (makes feel worldly)
• People are familiar with the hunts
• Have real allegiance to their shows and stories


Audience Personas

Ken & Kathy Vaughn
(41) Social, Hardworking, Adventures

Mark Korando
(30) Avid Game Hunter, Game Obsessed, Outdoor Driven

Sarah Margaret
(34) Current Hunter, Avid Reader, Likes Outdoors

After research was concluded, we created personas for our ideal market. This would be an outdoor person who values and would still want to be connected to technology. These people are loyal podcast listeners and enjoy exercising outdoors.



This user sitemap was built and refined using card sorting and a similarity matrix. The focus on categories and the ability to see reviews of the hunts instantly were interesting revelations that were revealed using the real life data and directly effected the structure of the site.


Early Sketches & Wireframes

Using paper and marker, the initial wireframes we drawn and then converted to an illustrator mockup. This level of flexibility and lack of detail is vital to the development of the application.

WHEREABOUS_Wireframes_Chapter Desktop

Usability Testing

Through the creation of the application, several usability tests were conducted with our chosen target audience. The full report can be viewed here.


Refining the design

The refining of the design was through a variety of techniques mostly using Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch along with user feedback to establish the brand. The overall look was developed to work with an adventurous and nature-driven feel while maintaining a healthy amount of mystery. A full copy of the Whereabouts brand guide can be found here.


Delivery of Concept

The final design was then refined through user tests and a high fidelity mockup, prototype and explainer video were then created.


Full Prototype and Explainer Video

The prototype for this application can be viewed here. Below is a video tutorial taking a user through the application in real time.

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